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Developing Seccessful Learners

Unlocking the Brain's Potential

You can help all your participants to learn successfully! The greatest gift an educator can give a Learner is the power to unlock their Learning potential. This video outlines the 'Five Principles of Brain Friendly Learning' you will incorporate in your delivery, which will empower learners to reignite their passion to learn. It outlines the principles behind this series of videos on Brain Friendly Training.

Are Your Learners in a state ready to learn?

You may be ready to teach, but are they ready to learn? The Principle of actively planning to engage learners and have them in a Resourceful Learning State is vital for true Brain Friendly delivery. As educators, it is incumbent upon us to plan activities that will assist learners to be mentally and attitudinally ready to learn. Understanding this principle is vital for great delivery and successful learning.

Influencing State with Auditory Activities

Can your learner hear you? Influencing great learning States using activities with an Auditory Bias. This is the first of four videos on how to influence the Learner's State and looks specifically at activities that can be run focusing on Auditory learners. All training needs to address all perceptual styles, which will be expanded on in subsequent videos.

Influencing State with Visual Activities

A picture paints a thousand words. This video highlights the importance of catering to the Visual needs of learners and gives six very practical ways to assist the Learners with a Visual bias.

Influencing State with Kineasthetic Activities

Get 'em up and get 'em moving.! This is the key to engaging Learners with a Kineasthetic bias. This video gives various way to get K's into a resourceful learning state with actions and words. You will also be introduced to the activity of the 'Spinning Wheel'. A great interactive sharing activity.

Influencing State with Tactile Activities

Tactile learners need to fiddle or manipulate items with their hands while their brains are busy. It is very helpful for these learners if you can provide objects for them to touch and handle. This video will give you some practical ideas of how others have done this with their Tactile students.

Use Language to Influence

Language to persuade! Using language to covertly get things done. These are words and phrases that we can use to get things done moving someone from a 'passive' to an 'active' State.

Embedded Commands

Language that assumes success! Here is another great Linguistic skill that can subconsciously build the learner’s confidence. Training is successful if it leads to action, and embedded commands are a great way to assist this transfer.