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Why Are You Here?

  • IDEAS to make your training even better!

  • KEEP abreast of using Brain Research in training to be ‘cutting edge’

  • ENGAGE students with awesome learning experiences

  • EXCITE learners, even with dry content

  • ENERGISE a captive, indifferent, bored, jaded audience with enthusiasm

  • LEARN how to thoroughly enjoy your training

  • GROW marketing champions with “word of mouth” past student recommendations

Welcome to Brain Friendly Training!

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Check Out Our 3 Sample Videos Below!

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Why we use a Visual Overview

'What are we going to do?' Tell them first in a different way! Give them the BIG picture. To truly engage Learners from the start you need to give them the big picture and overview.

Managing Groups

Changing Groups to share the love. One of the most challenging things we fear as trainers is to ask students to change groups, yet it is one of the most powerful ways to encourage networking, good independent thinking and maintain energy in the room.

Caution when using Power Point

Risks with overuse of PowerPoint. This video alerts you to these dangers and gives you ideas of how you can make your PowerPoints work for the Learner to enhance the Learning.