1) Understanding Different Learners

Understanding Different Learners is a gift that ignites a desire for continuous improvement in the student. When we teach them the way they learn they learn fast retain the information and have the confidence to use the new skills learnt. As Educators we do our job with less stress knowing we are using techniques that facilitate good learning. All learners are unique in the way they learn. It is a real skill when you can cater for various learning styles in the room and even better when you can empower learners to understand their own learning styles so they know what they must do to make learning stick for them. This package will give you these skills and more…

2) Learner Engagement

There is nothing worse than being asked to train some dry, compulsory theory topic that they have all heard before and all know the answers to, because they have all done this one before. Their body language says it all. ‘Not again!’ ‘I dare you to get me interested!’ ‘What time is lunch?’ In this set of videos lessons, we will look at the principles of how to achieve Early Engagement with some good Framing Up activities, and how to build in the W.I.I.F.M (Whats In It For THEM) sales principle into your training. How to hook them, and get them open to learning.

3) Developing Successful Learners

This set of videos is full of ideas on how to get your students into a resourceful Learning State. You might be ready to teach but are they ready to learn? Here are a series of videos that explain the importance of designing great activities to engage the learners’ minds and focus them on the learning. If you do this, your job will be easy, as they will be both consciously and unconsciously focused on the learning you want them working on and absorbing. Examples of these activities are described in full in the video lessons so they can be modeled and adjusted to fit your content brief.

4) Exciting Learner Environments

This highly practical set of videos will rekindle both your passion for teaching and your students desire to learn. Recapture your enthusiasm with techniques which will ensure your delivery is motivating, attention-grabbing and enjoyable – both for you and your students. We all learn in different ways and these video lessons will ensure that your delivery reaches the widest audience possible. They will give you many skills, tips and strategies to get your subject matter across – be 100% effective and have fun doing it! Refresh and upgrade your skills and excite your students to learn and to keep on learning.
It will stimulate and challenge your thinking about training and provide you with proven techniques that guarantee learning. If you’re keen to sharpen your skills; to deliver more effective training; to be operating at the leading edge, then these are video workshops you’ve been looking for!

5) Managing the Training Environment

Here are some video ideas to establish Leadership in the training environment. You will learn how to make time your friend; manage difficult people and work the room to achieve positive learning. These videos include ideas to centre yourself and quickly put you in a clear frame of mind throughout the day. You will be using proven, practical ways to manage and lead the learning environment.

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